Neonatal Surgery

Critical Care infants are in the best hands

Neonatal surgery is a very specific sub-speciality of paediatric surgery. In essence, a neonatal surgeon is a highly trained paediatric surgeon who performs corrective surgery on newborns and infants.

Neonatal surgeons will be responsible for surgical planning prior to birth, corrective surgery and post surgery care. The more common procedures seen by neonatal surgeons include:

  • Chest surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Urologic birth defects

What can you expect from Neonatal Surgery?

First and foremost, with today’s technology we are normally aware and forewarned of the possibility of your infant requiring neonatal surgery, and can make appropriate arrangements. This means we are aware of your child’s situation and are prepared to deal with it. Remember that if an antenatal diagnosis is made, the most appropriate time to see you is PRIOR to delivery! This cannot be stressed enough – transport of the neonate is a very risky procedure, and if recognised antenatally, the child should be referred antenatally whilst still in the comfort of the mother’s uterus, rather than after birth, which significantly increases the risk.
That said this process will still be difficult to deal with as parents. Obviously we provide appropriate antenatal counselling in this regard, from both the surgical and medical staff, and highly recommend early consultation and education.

Immediately after delivery, your child will be admitted to Neonatal ICU for stabilisation and investigation prior to surgery being scheduled. Surgical techniques and approach will depend largely on your infant’s specific condition. When feasible and the appropriate indications exist, Professor Beale, Dr Loveland, and their respective teams will employ endoscopic surgery techniques, commonly known as “Keyhole surgery”, the benefits of which are less pain, quicker recovery, and a shorter hospital admission.

What happens after Neonatal Surgery?

Once your child has recovered, he/she will be discharged from ICU and transferred to the neonatal or paediatric ward. Although less “intensive” you will still be under the care of the surgical team. Obviously depending on the condition, other members of the team may continue to consult your child.